Iron Man 3 ★★★

I was pumped to see the film. Great director, Great actor, and an extremely anticipated villain; what more could I have wanted?

...maybe a better script...

First I will say THE FILM IS NOT BAD. It had some fantastic action shots, I was blown away by the Beach house fight scene; That was incredible.

I also loved how they decided to take a new direction with Tony Stark and give this TDKR-vibe to him, it was creative.

...that's maybe about it...

(For those who haven't seen the film, SPOILERS; Who hasn't seen it yet?)

What the hell was with the Mandarin? Shit, I was expecting some Badass stuff to go down with him. ( I will state I have never read an Iron Man comic), but I know that Mandarin is Iron Man's Arch-nemesis. I felt I was slapped in the face by that twist. It was displayed comedic-ly and I will say I did laugh at it, but minutes later I was like....well now I'm bored.

I also really hated Guy Pearce's character. ( nothing against Pearce, phenomenal actor; have you seen Memento? Terrific work) Plus I hated the fact they never explain how the hell they can do that fire-burning thing. You can't just pop that in and not explain that to us.

I also found it funny how Tony's suits (in the final action scene) were displayed like "Made in china Plastic crap". They would be destroyed so easily, It was annoying. I mean that scene where tony is on the ground and calls for his suit and it's going to him when suddenly it hits a steel block thing and shatters, what the fuck was that? which also leads me to another point

They forced the comedy too much like when tony is handcuffed to the bed and when he's talking to the kid like so many examples.

....and last thing, I personally did not like how he repaid the kid at the end by upgrading his garage like extreme makeover home edition. Gave that kid like a Mac computer and an awesome car and even the little Arm guy. That's cool right? It sure is until what if one day, the kid's mom decided to go into the garage and checks out the place and say " Oh shit, We would get so much money from all this shit on Ebay?"

Give the kid like a permanent college fund and make sure his future is bright. I kind of saw like a little tony stark in the kid and I don't know if that was ever kind of hinted at. That at the end just made me mad.

Overall, I was disappointed by the film. I am pissed towards Shane Black. The film could have been done So Much Better. The 1st still reigns supreme, but I will admit It's alot more enjoyable than the 2nd one.