Pain & Gain ★★★★½

First off I want to say, I have always enjoyed Michael Bay films. They're not great, not bad. Pure entertainment, just one hell of a wild rollercoster; I love those kinds of movies.

I went in simply thinking this is going to be another Badass-looking Michael Bay film, another "Don't worry I left my brain at the door" kind of film.

Bay outdid himself...

This "based on a true story" adapted film is a mind blowing triumph. Michael Bay did a phenomenal job retelling the brutal and tragic story of the Bodybuilder's plan. I have not seen Bad Boys I or II ( I know I need to), but I think it's Bay's darkest film he's ever done.

The acting was done well by everybody, Dwayne Johnson had me sold the most; He was hilarious; definitely Bay-esque ( if you get my drift).

One thing that caught me a bit was that it was about 2 hrs. 10-12mins ( i was seriously expecting like 1 hr. 45 at the max). A long movie, but the pacing was good between scenes. It was just how much stuff was happening, Alot of shit goes down.

It was Bloody, Brutal, and Badass. Definitely a fantastically well-directed film ( never thought I'd really say that one, but true). My heart goes out to the victims of one of the most bizarre and insane homicide cases in Dade county. This was a terrific movie.

Bay took it seriously, following true to the story by also slapping a bit of his dust on it as well. I recommend it, I give it my two cents.