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This review may contain spoilers.

I had been pumped to see this film for a long time. Even though I did not like Gummo because of it's disturbing realism portrayed, having James Franco as a Riff Raff-lookalike and Ashley Benson's tits flaunted throughout seemed promising to a certain extent.

It started slowly and very Korine-like. Girls standing in the rain with inner thoughts playing in the background, it was understandable to include it. It was good.

The middle was where it picked up a bit, It started getting interesting. The story began flowing and I started to become entranced by the neon surroundings. I started to really like it, about a good 4/5.

But then the goddamn ending happened and I was just like...oh shit, you were so close. I know alot of people say "The ending was the best part." I felt like my mind was getting whipped and I couldn't help it.

James Franco's sudden death was very futile to the story's other message of nobody is invincible. You may think you're on top of the world, You run the game. In reality, you don't. What I didn't fully understand were the two female's responses towards it and how they just "left" with the black guy's lambo. Did they not care for Alien? Did he not affect them at all? Were they suppose to just walk on and take down the black gang like that with no emotion shown towards Alien's death or was that just bad acting and no time to reshoot?

Ashley Benson's character calls her mom and starts crying about "wanting to go back to school and be a better person and that's the secret to life." and shit like that, but then she decides to take Hudgens and the Lambo and I don't know if they are going back to school or if they decide to travel and avoid the cops who will be looking for them.

I really loved the message it portrayed and the realism of Teenage Youth that encompasses this tone. I believe this film is the Project X of this year symbolizing the erratic actions of coming-of-age Teens.

Overall, It was a good movie. Slow build-up with a powerful middle and a unclear ending.