The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

This comedic take on an 18th century based story is extraordinarily distinguished and quite deviant! It has Yorgos Lanthimos‘s signature directing style, although in a much more tame manner compared to his earlier films. But I think it’s the writers who have earned and really deserve a lot of recognition, specifically Deborah Davis who started writing a first draft back in 1998! I’m glad she stuck with it after all these years!

An interesting tidbit of 18th century trivia:

“History records that England was ruled for a brief period in the early 18th century by Queen Anne whose physical infirmities were rivalled only by her psychological quirks. She was indeed counseled by her lifelong friend and perhaps lover, Lady Sarah Churchill ... Finally, there was a chambermaid named Abigail Masham ... who infiltrated the highest levels of the royal house and, perhaps, Queen Anne's bed. The rest is left to the sordid imagination of one of the world's most fascinating filmmakers.”

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