Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★

An enjoyable movie for watching on a Sunday afternoon. The movie, for the most part is a barebones road trip slash coming of age story but with a heavy emphasis on relationships, human interaction, sexuality etc,.

It must of been quite tricky trying to balance the juvenile escapades alongside the more mature themes that get touched upon, and not just sexuality but also things political (I think the occasional voice over narration probably helped but it’s definitely debatable). What really isn’t debatable is lead actress Maribel Verdú. She’s perfect at keeping the story reasonably grounded, given the role she plays. (Be warned though: her gorgeous hair is unbearably alluring and she steals nearly every scene.. but I sincerely doubt anyone would ever complain..

• Director: Alfonso Cuarón
• Release: June 8th, 2001
• Budget: $5 million
• Box office: $33.6 million
• Letterboxd average: 4.1
• Rotten Tomatoes: 92%
• Details: drama / comedy / friendships / human interaction / romantic relationships / intimacy & sexuality / love & loss /

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