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  • Aliens
  • Apocalypse Now
  • Clue
  • Casablanca

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  • Armageddon

  • Enemy of the State

  • Battlestar Galactica

  • All the Money in the World

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  • Eye in the Sky

    Eye in the Sky

    A deft blend of high-tension thriller and dark farce, Gavin Hood delivers his best work to date with this drone warfare-themed character chamber piece. With its continent hopping, tense action set pieces and stellar casting, the surface film is a fast-paced and highly entertaining suspense ride that can easily appeal to all audiences.

    Yet the beauty of 'Eye' is that it goes far beyond that, operating on multiple levels that include thorny morality play of death by remote, and outright…

  • Elle


    Paul Verhoeven returns after a long absence with the unique "Elle," a film that's all about subverting expectation and refusing to fit comfortably into any category. It's a part long overdue and brutal evisceration of breezy bourgeois dramedies (be they European or otherwise), part psychological thriller that veers between disturbing and farcical, and part adult soap refreshingly devoid of pandering emotion or cheap solutions.

    Despite the change of scenery from Hollywood action to French drama, Verhoeven's signature sleight-of-hand and sense…

Popular reviews

  • Moonlight


    "Moonlight" is effectively a perfect film - a story of one man's lifelong struggle with identity and emotional intimacy, made exponentially harder by growing up a poor gay black man. It is obviously the work of an auteur but without any self-indulgence, incredibly lean without any scenes feeling either rushed or wasted. Yet also has both ambition and daring with its structure, scope, and themes. The performances are startlingly consistent across the board, the visuals luscious, and the score sublime.…