Dreaming Purple Neon

Dreaming Purple Neon ★★★★½

Expect No Mercy from this movie! I was simply amazed by its bloody outrageousness. For audiences unaware, this film will be a shock, a kick in the ass to people that are used to the current slate of "safe" horror films that plague our cinemas. You will be treated with gruesome moments which certainly make you cringe and wince, you may cover your eyes or even gasp. This movie goes all the way in more ways than one! Dreaming Purple Neon is full of sights and sounds that will certainly stick in my mind for a long time to come. Amidst this insane bloody mess, the movie somehow works in a pretty convincing romance between two likable characters we care about that ends up fairly well done, not forced. All of the "Hero" characters actually come off pretty realistic and natural. No one is over the top and the performances are kind of subdued, like real people would act. The bad guys on the other hand tear through the scenery with chaotic glee, and every time they are on the screen I found myself grinning and laughing. They are seriously fun with some GREAT one liners and dialogue.

Dreaming Purple Neon really worked for me. It was an engine firing on all cylinders. It was actually one of the best Low, low, maybe even MICRO budget films I have seen in years. What director, writer, producer, cameraman and editor Todd Sheets and his cast and crew do with such little money is incredible. They make up for lack of funds with imagination, ingenuity and obviously very hard work and attention to things like Camera shots, lighting and set design. In this age of movies playing it safe and being politically correct, this is truly one of the most ridiculous, over-the-top, blood and body fluid soaked messes in modern horror cinema. The blood spurts out of necks, backs, mouths, heads, throats, asses and pretty much any place you can think of, and maybe some you would NEVER think of, in angry geysers like an exploding volcano. By the end of the movie, a simple office building and basement have been transformed into one of the slimiest slaughterhouses ever shown in a film. Thank you to the talented people involved for making one of the most entertaining movies I have witnessed in a long time. A fun, wild, entertaining ride. Those interested in super-polished, Hollywood style Horror should take note: This movie plays like an homage to Drive In Movies and the VHS horror films of yesterday. And it is all the better for it.


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