The Hunt

The Hunt ★★½

Me & my best bud are Blumhouse fanboys so we were really excited for this one, especially the fact that Damon Lindelof wrote & produced this.

Starts out strong with a great intriguing mystery, some great pulse-pounding suspense & several awesome switcheroos at the start that I did not see coming. 

But as it went along the mystery got less interesting. Even with a 90-mins runtime there just wasn't much of interest to sustain the length.

Arguably the biggest detractor for me is I didn't think they fully took advantage of the human-hunting game premise enough to create interesting or unique tension-fuelled setpieces - which Ready or Not also failed to do - exacerbated by the fact that they teased a ton of potential with boxes filled with weapons & make-believe sets with hidden actors none of which was utilised or subverted in any satisfying way.

There's also the casting of a certain high-profile actress which the movie treats as a huge reveal by making deliberate attempts to obscure her face which I found puzzling coz I found out later they revealed her in the trailer. 

That said there are two things I really like the first being actress Betty Gilpin who is really good & in my mind is a wonderful discovery as she brings quite the comic timing & eccentric deadpan humor to this. The 2nd is that crazy mano-o-mano house/ kitchen fight which was crazy bonkers & OTT that I wished the entire movie exhibited the same kind of wild energy.

Overall, pretty disappointed, especially knowing that Damon Lindelof was involved. Didn't jive with the language of this movie either which felt a little too woke for me sometimes. However Betty Gilpin was a real surprise & for whatever it's worth I'm keen to checkout anything she's in next.

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