Cruella ★★★★

Sinisterly superb, this is a well-crafted, well acted, artistically drenched triumph. It's a whole lot more responsible than most other villain-as-main-character films that go woke. And yet it does make a hero out of a criminal. So, there's that. But it does have accolades for Joker in it with it's darkness throughout the entire film.

Emma Stone shows Oscar potential all over this, in that being bad never looked so good.

The music was used to convey a lot of emotion and used very well for the dark cinematography which starts out in black and white. Which is perfect!

If you go into it with the right expectations, this movie is bloody brilliant, as Az would say from (Friday Night Tights) It really is what it promises to be, 'wildly entertaining'. It's a Disney live-action movie done right! (For a change).

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