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  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th


    ⚠️ Comfort Movie Alert 🚨 

    ⚠️ My ULTIMATE Comfort Franchise 🚨

    Now that you’ve been warned, listen. I have a massive love affair with this Franchise. I’ve said it here before that this is my Franchise. I just watched this Chapter twice less than a month ago! This is just what I do with this Franchise, I own Thousands of movies and so many of them desperately need a rewatch. Plus I have easily over 100 movies owned that I’ve…

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  • Tightrope



    I could almost taste, touch and feel the 80’s in this. Seeing the beautiful 80’s on film is like being covered with a warm blanket on a cold night. Being born in the 70’s and having done most of my formative growing and shaping in the 80’s and 90’s, anytime I jump into one of these 80’s movie gems that I’ve never seen, well let’s just say when they hit they really hit. This one for sure hit!! 

    I like…

  • Nobody



    Bob Odenkirk kicks tons of ass in this!!!
    Cool seeing Doc Brown in this as well,  and the now old man Michael Ironside, how is he 70!!??? This was an ass kicking blast!! First time I’ve been in a theater since January of last year.

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  • The Thing

    The Thing


    This is one of those movies, and I have a handful of them that EVERY TIME I watch it I come away saying “yup that’s my favorite movie ever.” I’ve been obsessed with this movie since I watched it with my dad way back then. 

    It’s Perfect, it’s truly just incredible. The Story, The Score, The Effects, The Cinematography, The Location, The Cast, The Atmosphere and tone!! 

    I love every fiber of this film. It opens with one of the…

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    It’s -15° below 🥶 and we’ve had about 2 feet of Snow ❄️ Dumped on us here in Missouri so far today, and it’s still coming.  PERFECT THE THING watching weather. 🙌🏻