The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★★★

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! I rented this back when it first came to video 📼  in ‘86 and have loved it my entire life. Below is one of my older reviews that I wrote on IMDB.  I copied it here rather than write a new one. 


This movie is an absolute Madhouse!! It's dark, twisted, gory, funny, scary it literally has it all! It's shot beautifully, SO colorful, the colors seem to just jump off the screen. That's a huge contrast to the grittiness and the seeming lack of color in the original film.

The Score is simply amazing, all the locations are amazing. The near opening scene on the bridge where the two yuppie frat boys encounter Leatherface is Horror Cinema GOLD for my money. 
Leatherface with that Black Cape holding the stuffed dead body of Nubbins (aka The Hitchhiker from the first movie) in front of his body and making it dance!!!! DAMN this movie just gets me!!!!! 

The radio station where Stretch and LG encounter Chop-Top and Leatherface in the flesh for the first time is unbelievable. The station has a certain creepiness to it, I love the shots inside and outside the station, The color jumping off the screen that I mentioned earlier is never more evident then in the scenes in the radio station, the use of colors in the station is simply perfect.  

“E  X  I  T   EXIT,  ha ha ha” 

The Best jump scare of all time when Leatherface comes Chainsaw roaring out of the record vault!!

Chop-Top (Bill Mosley) is sensational!!! 
He’s hilarious and terrifying. He’s unhinged AF. 

“Lick my plate you dog dick”
“Dog Will Hunt” 
“incoming mail” 
“A bonus body” 
“Nam land” 
“Booger, Big Crazy Booger” 
“Burn her like a rat, burn her like a rat, burn her like a rat rat rat” 🔥 🐀.  

Every single line that comes out of The Cooks mouth is Hysterical!!!  “Oh that’s just one of them hard shelled peppercorns” 🦷 

Dennis Hooper in all his cocaine fueled glory is the perfect advisory for the Sawyer family. If you've seen this movie you're fully aware of how psycho he is in it. 

“I’m The Lord of the Harvest”
“One of them boys so wild managed to saw his own damn head off going 90 miles per hour, Yeah Hell, Hell’s exactly what they raised” 

The ending scenes in the Sawyer lair, which is a sight that must be seen for my money are about as good as it gets, in these scenes they again use color so well, with all the lights, Christmas lights strung all over, lamps you name it the whole place is very well lit while also seeming dark and sinister through all the tunnels. There is so much to this underground lair, from dead bodies, to lights, so much macabre perfectly spewed all over and everywhere nothing is wasted EVERY piece adds something, a maze of macabre let’s call it. 


The Resurrection (sort of) of the Faceless LG after having been semi skinned by Leatherface courtesy of an electronic Knife 🔪 Turkey Carver.  

“Darlin, Darlin don’t be scared Darlin” 

The Chainsaw Duel between Leatherface and Lefty is EPIC!!!! 

No other movie is quite like this one to me. 

This movie is absolutely PERFECT.

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