Greener Grass ★★★½

This whole absurd look at suburbia, with its beautiful use of color and a sarcastic view of the American Dream, has divided audiences. It is a demented view of “First World Problems” but it does identify, correctly, the problem we have with the “grass is greener on the other side.”  Kid not what you wanted?  Maybe a dog would be better. Or maybe your best friend will give you their baby instead?  Maybe I should get a divorce because my friend got one and she has never been happier. Hilarious. Yes, it feels more like a collection of sketches patched together to be called a movie, but isn’t that the point?  Isn’t a “perfect life” just patched together craziness?  A balance of career, family, love, and finding yourself mixed with hints of sadness, jealousy, and desire for material possessions?  The social commentary is on point. It works for me and, even if you don’t LOL, there is no way you won’t find it entertaining.