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  • Let's Scare Jessica to Death

    Let's Scare Jessica to Death


    This is not a movie for everyone. The film is slow, but for those who do not eat too much sugar, they are rewarded several times. We who like this type of movie know how to appreciate the atmosphere that is being created. It's not easy to get to.

  • Joker



    Finally and with a little delay I have seen one of the most anticipated films. I liked the connections to the Batman universe, which reaffirms the figure of this production, because different things happen, trauma, nonconformity, chaos, rebellion, violence. Phoenix achieves a great Joker, which contains a bit of all the previous ones and achieves an original and unforgettable one!

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  • The Equalizer 2

    The Equalizer 2


    This film has a slightly slower start, but thanks to it, it stands on its own. So there's no need to mourn if there's no time for number one yet. Although the plot falters a bit and the main villains are no longer what they used to be, all the skies of the film, and especially Denzel Washington, easily compensate for it.

    Part one is much greater than this one but by all means give this film a watch as…

  • The Evil Dead

    The Evil Dead


    This has got to be one of my favorite horror movies. I remember as a kid that I just had to watch this and part 2 because of the vhs covers, they were so awesome and still are. I discovered a podcast called The Cult Classic Horror Show today and they did a commentary of this film and you can watch this along with them and it's interesting, you may even learn something from them about this film. No matter how you watch this movie, it's so great and still holds up today.

    Hail to the chin!

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  • Friday the 13th Part 2

    Friday the 13th Part 2


    It’s a genuine landmark film, in both its franchise and its genre and it's my favorite film in the franchise.

    Kirsten Baker 😍

  • Tenebre



    If you have any interest in story telling or filmmaking you need to do yourself a huge favor and seek this film out. This film is a visual beauty and overall it is completely compelling. I can’t recommend this film any higher!

    If you research this film you will see that the story was influenced by true events when Dario Argento was receiving threatening letters and phone calls from an obsessed fan who continually criticized him for murdering beautiful women in his films. These events triggered him to write Tenebre.

    Dario Argento