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  • Monster



    I really want to get in anime once again but I honestly don't know what to watch.

    I would like to see a anime that won't take me like 100 episodes to finish, is fairly easy to consume but still has an engaging story and characters.

    And please, don't reccomend me anything like Jojo or Attack on Titan.

  • Beforel Orel: Trust

    Beforel Orel: Trust

    Me and the Chadette, Da_Irish_Lizard have finished "Moral Orel". It is 2nd American animated satire that I genuinely love, right behind Bojack Horseman. South Park can fuck off. The Simpsons can fuck off. Family Guy can off. American Dad can fuck off. Cleveland Show can fuck off. And Rick & Morty can also fuck off.

    Here's my problem with many of these shows: I think they fail in actually being effective satire.

    The problem with these shows is so often, they…

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  • La Haine

    La Haine


    Saw for like the 5th time with my girl, Ditdots and the chadette, Da_Irish_Lizard.

    Hopefully it won't stay relevant forever and become just a watered-down Holocaust story.

  • (500) Days of Summer

    (500) Days of Summer

    This film is rather... confusing. For the most part, I perfectly understand what the film is trying to tell us. The main protagonist is a incel piece of shit who fantasizes about a girl who isn't actually all that interested in real life and imagines her to be the "perfect quirky girl" that she isn't in reality. He also blames his problems in relationships and his unhappiness on her and the world being too cruel instead of admitting that he…