One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest ★★★★½

Pretty fantastic movie. Every performance in this film deserves a fucking Oscar. They are all very fantastic and really made me believe that they were mentally ill people. Jack Nicholson was also very perfect casting for this movie and was very appropriate to portray his character. The actress also did a pretty fantastic job in her portrayal of the antagonist. The characters were interesting and very fun to watch. The cinematography is also very beautiful in this film. The film really does not feel like it was made in 1975. The film is hilarious, charming, dark and emotional. A powerful story about fighting against oppression and fighting for freedom. And a very fascinating look on how mental hospitals would cruelly treat their patients. The film never gets boring and it's very engaging all the way through. It does very well in pretty much everything. It's pretty much the Shawshank Redemption of the 70's.

Now, here's kind of a issue I have with the movie. I did not like how it portrayed the women in this film and how they were used. McMurphy's girlfriend is pretty much just there. She has no character of her own and she is just there to be like a sort of spectacle to please the men and give them sex. They were just there to motivate the male characters by looking sexy and nothing else. Her female friend is also a character that has no much personality of her own either and she is pretty much the stereotype of the dumb blonde. The most ambitious and strongest female character is a middle aged woman who does not fit in to the appeals of men and is also the very main antagonist. The kind of woman we are meant to despise while the other 2 are just 'fine how they are'. And that she also mostly has power due to being opposed to mentally ill men and that she has the whole hospital to help her handle things for her. Not to mention that the novel does also have some clear misogyny in it and that unfortunately became part of the DNA of this film.

But despite that problem, I think pretty much everything else about the film is just fantastic and it really deserves its position as a classic.

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