Ritual ★★★★★

This movie is pretty much a secret that is only known by those who visited it, which is both a very nice but also very depressing feeling.

Nice because it is a story that I feel is for myself to have. One where I think about my deepest desires about leaving the world to only feel the pleasures of loneliness and imagination. A reflection to myself as someone in the desperate need to connect with someone but be disconnected enough for me to not feel the burden of being connected to them. The fact that this is a secret I share with someone dear to me and share it together while the whole world cannot see it because to us, it is only special between us. A sacred secret.

But a depressing one because I am alone in this connection for this movie and nobody else is there to share it with me.

It's a film that exists in a reality in which the fantasies and loneliness it presents is imitated by reality through its unpopularity despite the fiction being so powerful by those who personally experienced it.

And even telling you all this might not be enough to fully express to you the feelings I have for it and how much this knowledge has impact to my reality.

A dream that is not real to others but one real to me.

I want everyone to experience it but maybe the fact that very few have seen it is part of what makes it very special.

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