Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★½

Really good film! I had a really fun time watching it. It definitely haves some of the best animation ever in the history of films. The fight sequences are really fun, music is fitting and good most of the time, characters had some nice personality to them, it had some nice jokes mocking comics and it adds to the charm of the film, the interactions feel fairly genuine and I really like the concept.

However, some problems I would have with is some of its music choices like in the moment Spiderman is killed, it plays Chris Brown music and it's kinda unfitting and makes take it less seriously. It doesn't express the emotions of that scene very well. And theres was another one serious with unfitting music too. Pretty much when it tries to be more than a comedy and mockable in tone, it doesn't really do that well or breaks any boundaries. The story is a little bland but it's understandable as it is trying to be more of this superhero story. Kingpin also kinda felt undeveloped and it may kinda strange I am judging that but the movie tries to make him a more serious and sympathetic type of villian due to his motivations but I didn't like how it was executed qnd it just made him still look like a one-dimensional villian still as there was no much to his character. I would have been completely fine with it if it was one of those stereotypical type of supervillian for the movie to make fun of and stuff and it would have really added its charm but nope, it wanted to be more serious and kinda failed there. Also, I may be missing something but I feel that the uncle becoming a villian felt a little forced and undeveloped. It doesn't seem to show much for why he does other than he wanted for his "nephew to admire him" but by becoming a villian? That doesn't sound right. And how would he be able if he is hiding his face? I think I may be really be missing something so it would be nice to be corrected there.

But still, I really like this film and I can understand why a lot of people love it.

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