The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★½

Kinda lame that this movie has to rely so much in subtext to imply that Katie is a lesbian. That's like the kind of shit you should only be doing in the 80s or something since then there's at least a understandable reason to hide it since those times were so homophobic that companies wouldn't allow to show the humanization of LGBTQ characters and when they were finally represented, it was very usually very inaccurate and relied on typical harmful tropes and stereotypes. Really, the only reason I am talking about it is because everyone talks about it and praises it so hard when it shouldn't be like this. We already reached a time in which animated cartoons for a younger audience are becoming less and less hesitant to make LGBTQIA+ representation.

Personally, as someone who does desire for more representation, this is like one of the least interesting things the movie has to offer because it does little with it.

But anyways, I still really liked it. The animation is absolutely fantastic and there were a few jokes that genuinely made me laugh. The story is okay, I guess but I found it a little too cliched and stuff so it's nothing particularly special.

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