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  • Devil's Kiss

    Devil's Kiss


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I first encountered The Devil’s Kiss in rather unorthodox circumstances, to put it mildly. In the late 1990s Satellite TV was for the first time granting UK audiences access to television from Germany, France, Holland, Poland and all over Europe. In doing so the UK also suddenly had access to European TV channels that were broadcasting hardcore porn, which was going out scrambled, meaning you had to buy these cards that would unscramble the picture, which could be picked up…

  • A Dog Called... Vengeance

    A Dog Called... Vengeance


    Gripping, edge of your seat thriller starring Jason Miller as an escaped political prisoner being relentlessly pursued across a South American dictatorship by a vicious dog belonging to a dead prison guard.

    Lots of sweaty, paranoid atmosphere in this, jolting violence, plus a typically commited performance by Miller in a physically gruelling role (that also includes a fair amount of full frontal nudity). Should be more well known.

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  • Lady Frankenstein

    Lady Frankenstein


    A couple of years before his death I did correspond a bit with Mel Welles about Lady Frankenstein (in fact I think Mel may have been the first person I ever emailed). So in order to keep his thoughts about the film in circulation and for anyone who is interested, here is some of what Mel had to say about the film, several of the actors, and the censorship of the film.

    “LF was shot in English with a multi-national…

  • A Night to Dismember

    A Night to Dismember


    Can the world cope with now having not one, but two versions of A Night to Dismember in it?...time will tell. The 'original' version, once thought lost, has now resurfaced on YouTube , its slightly more coherent than the released version we all know and love, but completely off-kilter by 'normal' filmmaking standards and unmistakably Wishman.