Playgirl Killer

Playgirl Killer ★★★

Usually to be found in Florida filmed exploitation films, William Kerwin (Blood Feast, 2000 Maniacs, A Taste of Blood) hot footed it to Canada for Playgirl Killer, playing a crazy beatnik artist, haunted by visions of sea sirens, and driven to murder by his models' inability to keep still. The real surprise piece of casting here is singer Neil Sedaka, persuaded over to the great white north to sing in the movie and briefly play a playboy who all the playgirls are attempting to get an oily rub down from. It's a very mid 1960s movie, what with the artist's trippy visions, gyrating teenagers going wild at a pool party, musical interludes and a succession of oversexed, bikini clad babes getting Kerwin and Neil Sedaka all hot under the collar.

Curremtly on YouTube courtesy of DRagonFLIX, the latest venture by filmmaker and convicted fraudster Richard Driscoll, whose website proudly proclaims "we do not inflate our budgets and costs like most independent producers"...Driscoll's criminal record would beg to differ. Playgirl Killer is quite hard to get hold of on DVD and largely unseen in the UK, outside of a few late night screenings on The Horror Channel many, many years ago. So for bringing this canuxploitation rarity to YouTube at least, Tricky Dicky deserves kudos for a change.

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