Hereditary ★★★★★

Before going to see Hereditary today, the only negative review I'd heard was from the worst film 'critic' on YouTube, so I was really quite confident that I'd love this. One watch later and that confidence was rightfully placed.

Hereditary is my current favourite of the year, and It's also relentlessly terrifying. Starring the likes of greatly revered actresses: Toni Collette and Ann Dowd as well as an impressive up and coming young actress named Milly Shapiro, Hereditary has a perfected range of terrific acting performances as well as a brilliantly bleak, somewhat disturbingly scary persona and a tremendous unpredictable intensity that I seem to always value in horror.

And yeah the scary side of It really all depends on your inner personal fears, but If It does connect it'll chill your bones thoroughly.

So yeah, A24 has done It yet again. Hereditary is a contemporary horror masterpiece.

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