Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★★

I couldn't bring myself to review this one when I first saw it, simply because I was that overwhelmed and actually breathless for an extended period of time. I was fortunate to see this in a cinema and I was just a bloody mess. By the end of it I was drenched in tears and as I say: breathless. I did however think that when I saw it at home I'd cope better. That was not the case. Nor was that the case today. I've never known a film to leave me in the state that this one does.

It's so beautiful. Visually it's possibly the most gorgeous looking film I've ever seen. Not a single frame is with flaw, it truly brings new meaning to the phrase 'Every frame is a painting'. And the love story on display is the most remarkable, sincere and smoldering romance that I've ever witnessed. There's not a single hiccup regarding performances, everything is needed...it's perfect.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire is my favourite film of 2019, it's my favourite film of the 2010's and it is a masterpiece.

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