Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★½

As someone who's never been that much of a die hard Star Wars fan, I wasn't particularly worried or sceptical about Solo: A Star Wars Story, so when I went to see It today I wasn't that disappointed when It turned out to be pretty average. At best.

First and foremost, how you gonna put Woody Harrelson in this film and have him play one of the most instantly forgettable characters in the film? Speaking of the mistreatment of characters, I wouldn't have said that Alden Ehrenreich did a particularly good job as young Han Solo. For the most part, I couldn't see a single similarity to the original character.

As well as that, the story was pretty flat. Every action and 'plot twist' were obvious to the point of It almost being painful. And it ended up making the film feel just a bit hollow and forgettable.

That being said…like pretty much every Star Wars film at this point, the score was practically perfect. And the cinematography had It's moments of brilliance of course. Oh and I know It's likely that a fair few people are going to disagree but Donald Glover did a better job of playing Lando Calrissian than Billy Dee Williams. OH and Emilia Clarke has a bright and radiant smile that can light up a room.

So Solo, I'll forget about it in about a week but It's not as awful as some of the franchise's previous entries.

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