Tenet ★★★★½

I guess I had better stop calling myself a cinephile because I thought Tenet was absolutely incredible. I've never understood why there seems to be such a stigma attached to the idea of being a Christopher Nolan fan (if someone's a mainstream filmmaker they're a bad filmmaker I guess), but I'm not gonna lie about this. Tenet is a fascinating, beautifully woven exercise of contemporary film.

And it's an objective thing to say that the philosophical discussion of time is present across most of Nolan's work but in Tenet, it's in it's most explicitly put together form. It's very much a 'time travel' film that almost feels critical of the very idea of time travel. In the film we witness a kind of deconstruction of the 'rules' and promise of time travel, and because of that I wouldn't hesitate to call it one of the best films about those ideas.

Like with (hell I'll say it) every Christopher Nolan film, the cast is phenomenal. Unstoppable. Elizabeth Debicki demonstrates once again just how criminally underrated she is, Robert Pattinson has become one of the most respected actors working today and he's fantastic as per usual...but John David Washington. Wow. Just wow. He's impressed me before but here he is an absolute force of nature.

I've left things vague. Go into this with as much unknown as possible because honestly, If you go into this with any real understanding of what you've got coming, it might not leave the same impression on you.

And whilst I did see this in a cinema, I did socially distance and I'm not stupid enough to not wear a mask. Every possible precaution was took and I wouldn't have went if I couldn't guarantee that would be the case. Stay safe.

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