The Dark Knight ★★★★★

I love this mastapiece. I think one of the best parts is how much tension is crafted. It's a none stop thrill ride that makes you always wonder what's going to happen. The cinematography is amazing as well from how the amazing action scenes are shot that gets as much as it can in the camera to these wide shots looking down on Gotham. Everyone says the joker overshadows everything but even if he probably had the best performance everyone else was around equally on par imo. Christain Bale is phenomenal as batman and in my eyes he is the Bruce Wayne and Batman. He encapsulates this character perfectly that hides who he is as Bruce Wayne and describes who is and what he feels through the batman. Even though the batman is a way bigger physical threat then joker he can't threaten him with anything because if he kills the joker he wins. The joker can manipulate people psychologically and because of this he has the upper hand. This si shown when he changes Dent which even if the joker is in jail he isn't defeated because he proved his point. That even the best of people can fall. That we all have are breaking points. That society and are morals are weak. Meaning that even if you think it the dark knight doesn't have a happy ending. It's a depressing tale where the villian wins. But that doesn't mean that we lost hope. People like the batman will always be there to help the weak and helpless but there will always be people like the joker that push and tear society into bits and pieces. I haven't said anything about Heath Ledger's performance and have still shown that it's more then that. It's a deep and compelling film filled with passion and intelligence that even if it has a great performance. It has several great things that it does almost perfectly. I honestly have very few issues with this movie. Maybe some lines are dumb that were supposed to be quippy one liners but I can't think of much else to criticize this is still one of the best movies ever made and I will love it forever.