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  • 12 Years a Slave

    12 Years a Slave


    I both love 12 Years a Slave and abhor it. On one hand it's one of the most finely crafted cinematic narratives put to screen in this generation, and on another it greatly disturbed, disgusted, and nearly brought me to tears. And rightfully so. 12 Years a Slave is the kind of movie that makes you think, man, human beings are actually capable of the worst things.

    Every single performance in the film is stellar. Chiwetel Ejiofor nearly brought me…

  • Halloween



    John Carpenter is such a legend.

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  • Carrie



    The final scene of this movie legitimently terrifies me. That jump scare is really effective because it's the only jump scare in the movie, and everything else is just really disturbing imagery. 

    Pretty great movie. 😦

  • Rope



    Ohhh maaan, Rope was really intense. I loove the premise and how it was filmed with only 6 or 7 continuous takes in the entire film. It feels like it could
    easily be turned into a stage play, and to be honest I think I would enjoy Rope in the medium a lot more. It’s up there in Hitchcock’s filmography although it isn’t my favorite of his movies. I should rank the ones I’ve seen so far...