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  • Make Way for Tomorrow

    Make Way for Tomorrow


    ".......That's just fooling yourself. Why don't you face the facts, grandma?"

    "Oh Rhoda, when you're 17 and the world's beautiful, facing facts is just as slick fun as dancing or going to parties."

    "But when you're 70....well, you don't care about dancing, and you don't care about parties anymore. And about the only fun you have left is pretending that there ain't any facts to face. So would you mind if I just kind of went on pretending?"

    This film tore my heart out.

  • Uncle Yanco

    Uncle Yanco


    Just delightful and extremely charming.

    It's so different from other films of this nature in that it's so openly staged and honest. There's a scene where her first meeting is scripted, rehearsed, and aestheticized with the colored hearts in front of them. And uncle Yanco has interesting musings on life and art.

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  • Penguin


    Dull and boring. Honestly, I thought this was going to be decent. Somehow the opening scene was too chilling and it made me kinda hopeful that Penguin was worth it. Probably one of the creepiest movie openings I've ever seen. It's spectacular visually. Thinking about all the effort in cinematography just went waste with a dull plot.

    Keerthy Suresh is good and does her best but she can't save the movie. I hope Kollywood offers her better scripts. It's sad…

  • Article 15

    Article 15


    This is movie is such a joke. So stripped of its context is the lead character who knows jack about anything...and throw in some context and the lead character is picking out article 15 from the Indian constitution and pasting it all over his office to drive the message home : "there can be no discrimination" *cue in jana gana mana or vande mataram in the background*
    It's too fucked up that a civil servant is so aghast about caste…