The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

The Holy Mountain’s impact on me is one that is as hard to describe as the movie itself. The film is a relentless critique of everything that makes up the cultural aspects of humanity. This includes politics, economics, religion, hollow social hierarchies, and so on. Not only that, but it challenges all of the aforementioned dogmas within every single scene.

 As if the film wasn’t already an enchanted assault on the senses, its dreamy surrealist imagery flows deep with symbolic purpose; and like all great films that revolve exclusively around unwielding symbolism, The Holy Mountain chooses not to force its belief on the audience, but rather open a critical discussion with the audience to compel them to look at these topics under a hypercritical lens. This form of cinema isn’t simply artistic, it’s entirely political. By taking a stance as the antithesis of dogmatic practices it paradoxically is becoming one itself. Sure, other films have gone on to achieve similar reputations, but none have succeeded at being as provocative and fundamentally impregnable as The Holy Mountain.

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