Pee-wee's Big Holiday

Pee-wee's Big Holiday ★★★★

19/30 for my SXSW2016

Pee-wee is back and he's not here for twerking and selfies. Paul Reubens succeeds where so many of our old favorites have failed us during this wave of nostalgia for quick cash. With no wasted effort at bringing Pee-wee to the modern age, Reubens, Apatow, and first time director John Lee bring back the beloved classic spirit in a story with lots of 80s charm. It's perfect for Netflix, allowing his audience to come to him. Big Holiday blatantly ignore the continuity set by Big Adventure and on top of that almost actively avoids throw backs, besides Pee-wee himself and his old habits. Don't expect a cringe-worthy 2 hour attempt at rehashing old one liners. While the packed house at Paramount was giddy and overjoyed I don't think there will be any gut busting moments for those watching alone or with a small group at home, but I was smiling the entire time.

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