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This review may contain spoilers.

It was looking like a pretty good film... til it got hit by a melodramatic hammer.

The acting was pretty good, especially a young Ethan Hawke. Robin Williams was OK, but he was the weakest of the lot. He basically played "Robin Williams plays a teacher"

Again... I was quite enjoying it until the whole melodramatic crap. Totally unnecessary. And I actually do blame Mr. Keating in some extent for the kids death.

The kid came to Mr. Keating for help. All he had to say was talk to your Dad. The Dad was Red! It was the 50s. You can talk all the dreamy talk you want, but you have to deal with the reality of the situation... and that boys situation required more than a heart-to-heart.

Anyway... I still thought the suicide was lame... after a single play!

That whole ending pretty much ruined the film for me, just when some of the other stories where getting interesting.

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