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  • Bloodline



    A decent take on a killer with morals.
    Killing by no means is a good thing, in the film he has good reason for what he is doing. Think Robin Hood.

    The predictability prevented a higher score.

  • Satanic Panic

    Satanic Panic


    What do you do when awoken before your alarm and can not get back to sleep?
    I go to... movies and typically, horror movies.
    This film was fresh in my head from a recent podcast listen.
    I was surprised by the hosts response and equally surprised by how the film actually was.
    I didn't over think the film, mostly from the subject matter that I don't agree with, however it was executed in a fun way.
    Definitely worth a viewing and keep an eye out for the director and lead actress. These two women are both going places within the film industry.