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  • Watchmen



    Something should be an unforgettable film is already being forgotten. Some stellar performances, but the cohesion of the story weakens the film. I feel like that's with most Zac Snyder films. It's like fast food, looks great, tastes great, but there's little nutrional value, it leaves a clunky full feeling and then it's gone. Yet, I keep going back. Ugh!

  • The Invisible

    The Invisible


    Not a bad film, but it struggles to identify what kind of a film it wanted to be and the constant backpedaling was tiresome. By the end the nonsense overran any sensibility.

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  • Happy Death Day

    Happy Death Day


    Incorporating a similar film structure to Groundhog Day (A superior film), college student Tree must play out the same day, coincidentally her birthday, trying to figure out who keeps killing her. Following the tropes of a slasher whodunit, it fails in tone. One minute serious, next minute jokey. Too much of a mixed bag. It was entertaining though.

  • The Final

    The Final


    Would have made a better short film. Ideas didn't seem fleshed out, the action came to a halt halfway through the film.
    Great ideas, poorly executed.