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  • Eden Lake

    Eden Lake


    Ouch. I knew nothing about this film and it was shocking. Nicely shot, full of tension and moments of uncomfortability. Not for everyone, but it is an intense, revenge horror film.

  • Another WolfCop

    Another WolfCop


    It was great to see a sequel. Definitely has heart and was created with it and appeared overly fun to create. When the film hit its marks, they hit with perfect precision. But, the weak moments brought it down. Definitely a highly entertaining film and worth a watch with friends.

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  • Like Me

    Like Me


    A trippy film with dark undertones throughout.

  • Desolation



    Rather textbook setup for this film. Mother and son with family friend hike in the woods to pay respect for a deceased father/husband but they're not alone and being stalked.
    Some frightening moments with a few horrific scenes.
    Not overly interesting and rather dull at moments.
    Bold attempt but missed several marks.