Midsommar ★★★½

I was letdown. I anticipated something entirely different. Mostly it's on the pacing, next would be length and lastly the actors.
Pacing was great for the first third and then it slowed to a crawl and it got confusing.
The length is a stout 147 minutes(2 hours 27 minutes) and it felt every bit of that time. 30-40 minutes could be trimmed.
Lastly the actors, the only known actor to many, was underused. Explanation would be spoiling for the film. The two young leads, didn't have a believable chemistry, I know this is also meant for the story, but it was highly noticeable.
I wanted this movie to a 10/10, even a 9. But. I settled on a 7. It does have greatness, I was just not completely satisfied.

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