Andra explores Italy ep 4

81⁄2 is a journey into director's Fellini's mind, a joycean stream of consciousness where reality, dream and memory meet each other and indissolubly blend together, events and ideas follow and contaminate each other, to the point where it's almost impossible to distinguish what's real and what's not, a frenetic, grandiose, nonsensical escalation of feelings and events.

Fellini pours all of himself in the movie, all of his sentiments, his anxieties, his relationships, nothing is left untouched, resulting in a meditative and tormented feature, in which the director tries to find a sense in his chaotic existence, only to discover there's no cure to it, he can just willingly succumb to it. Fellini expresses a personal analysis on life that can surprisingly resonate with everyone, creating an interior, subjective world with universal characteristics.

> The Battle of Algiers
< Minnie and Moskowitz

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