Cherry ★★★

Cherry isn’t a film many people will be overwhelmingly positive on. It’s an over-stylised mess that’s far too long and should have ended at the exact moment you think it does, rather then going into an ‘epilogue’ that ruins much of the emotional impact of the film. It could have and should have been so much more given its opioid crisis focus. However, it’s a film I found myself interested in straight away, despite a myriad of problems it’s one that educated me on the crisis and stunned me by its gritty nature. It’s not a film many people will particularly enjoy, but for me it’s one that really managed to strike a cord and linger with me long after the credits began to role.

Tom Holland has never been better and it’s his phenomenal performance that truly elevates the film with his chemistry alongside Ciara Bravo working perfectly throughout. The Russo Brothers sincerely try their best, and while it doesn’t particularly pay off the way they hoped, it’s one that worked for me, educated me and most importantly made me want to incite change. It’s dark and gritty, an over-stylised mess, but it’s also one that worked a lot better for me than perhaps did for others and thus Cherry was a film I rather liked and even upon 3 watches still found myself deeply invested in its performances and narrative despite the various flaws.
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