Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★★★½

Okay…why was this actually really good? I had no expectations for Do Revenge, no idea what it was nor that it dropped today, but man what a huge surprise it was! It’s a clever mashup of ‘80s and ’90s high school movie with a bright, spirited attitude and a dark comedy genius that works wonders throughout. Mendes and Hawke are great together, their chemistry beams off the screen, delivering exactly the amount of heart and sass needed for their characters. While the other characters are a little stereotypical, Abrams’ male lead Max is hair ripplingly obnoxious and irritating (exactly as he should be!) yet it’s clear that even the minor characters are having a great deal of fun.

Honestly, Do Revenge is one of Netflix’s best films this year, it’s surprisingly hilarious and despite the revenge plot going far to over the top, it’s great to watch regardless. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson’s slick direction and Hillary Gurtler vibrant production design fills every scene with a unique flair that always stands out and the sublime music choices are worth every penny. It’s fun, it’s vibrant and while the twist wasn’t my favourite, it ultimately worked rather well. Do Revenge is one of the surprises of the year, the ending rules!

I want an emotional support Bearded Dragon now, please.

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