In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★½

Continuing with Wong Kar-wai’s filmography, In the Mood for Love just may be one of the best ‘romances’ ever put to film. Similar to Chungking Express, Wong’s way of filming is breathtaking. Every scene is brimming with life, intoxicating me in its beauty, with the costumes and set pieces looking extraordinary throughout. Yet, for me, it's the acting that truly stunned me. Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung are remarkable, exuding the passion the story needs with poetic effect, buying into their platonic romance, waning them to finally end up together once the film concludes. It's an achingly beautiful movie, full of deep dark reds and tight, lonely spaces, it's one of those stories where nothing and everything happens all at once, almost as if you're watching two halves of a broken heart throb as the story works its magic. It’s a quiet, moving film made with striking grace that's driven by two superb performances, sublime musical choices and some of the most gorgeous visuals ever put on screen. Like Chungking Express, it's left me excited by the prospect of the rest of his filmography. An undisputed masterpiece for the ages.

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