Nope ★★★★

Nope, brought to you by ICEE.

With Nope finally being released in the UK, after three agonisingly long weeks avoiding spoilers, today is a day to celebrate…and by that I mean celebrate the fact Nope is way better than I expected! 

Nope is crazy, it’s awe inspiring and just fear inducing enough to make certain moments truly pop…it’s nothing if not a spectacle for its entirety. Jordan Peele is back with a bang, hypnotising you into never looking away from the screen. With his third feature, Peele continues to solidify his reputation for making ambitious, interesting thrillers that intrigue and mystify their audiences as Nope had me on the edge of my seat throughout. 

Everything about Nope is best when it sucks you in by surprise, creating a spectacular finale with some fantastic twists that never failed to amaze, while also boasting some beautiful cinematography, a powerful score and three terrific performances by Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer and Brandon Perea, who steals every scene he’s in! Despite wasting Steven Yeun and the whole rather meaningless monkey plot, Nope worked wonders for me with every performances capturing me completely and the story surprising me with every step it took. It’s a fascinating, unique and utterly original work of art by Peele, it’s not without its flaws but hell, I loved it! Peele is 3/3 so far! 

Somebody please get Brandon Perea to play Jonny Storm!

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