The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★½

The Mitchell’s vs. The Machines is jam packed with beautiful animation, goofy antics and wacky moments that many audiences will adore. It’s fun and friendly with enough laughs to win over many audiences. Yet, the predictable storyline and humour got old quick and sadly, by the second half, left me begging for it to conclude. Don’t get me wrong, the film itself holds some great moments with much of the first half being pure brilliance, but by struggling to find the right tonal balance between crude, repetitive humour, references to film culture, and ultimately the bonds that make some families so strong, feature directorial debut Michael Rianda attempts to enter the animated realm with the help of the colourful, stunning animation and brilliant cast but sadly just misses the target for me personally. 


The Lord and Miller team have brought us gems like The LEGO Movie, and Spider-Verse in the last decade, yet with The Mitchell’s vs. The Machines it’s a considerable spiral that never truly gripping me as much as I had wanted. Many will love this for its social commentary and beautiful look but for me, it sadly goes down as one that, this time around, never fully garnered the enjoyment I wanted. Let’s hope on a rewatch I enjoy it more as the message the films sends about the dangers of technology disconnecting us from those we love, deserves to be heard. 
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