The New Mutants

The New Mutants ★★½

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The New Mutants is a 2020 American horror/superhero film directed by Josh Boone and stars Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, Blu Hunt, and Henry Zaga in the leading roles.  

I’m a bit late to the controversy on this one but today I finally managed to watch The New Mutants with my friend Zoë and honestly, it wasn’t all that bad. After 3 ongoing years of developmental hell I went into this preparing for the worst and ultimately left quite pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t one of the worst movies this year. Although the film isn’t necessarily good, it does become slightly more enjoyable as the film goes on. 

The New Mutants brings a unique set of powered individuals to the big screen. Magik , Rahne, Sunspot, Sam Guthrie and Danielle Moonstar are all unique characters and all grow slightly more likeable as the film progresses to the point the addition of Magik’s Lockheed (who’s basically a live action Spyro!) really worked for me. Now, despite me enjoying The New Mutant characters, some of the performances did unfortunately feel quite generic to me. No one was exactly bad, nor were they outstanding either, they just felt rather average throughout as nothing really came as a surprise to me as the actors/actresses all played it relatively safe despite having such a brilliant premise to work with. 
The problem with The New Mutants don’t lie within the choppy editing or development hell it endured but lies in the messy story and constant tonal inconsistencies. Despite quite a decent second act, the first and end of the third acts is what ultimately let’s this film down as it takes far to long for characters powers to be displayed and when they are they aren’t shown often. For a film set in the Fox X-Men franchise, I ultimately found this to be one of the most disappointing aspects as despite this being a film about mutants, their powers weren’t given as much screen time as they should have been. 

Despite the grievances I may have, I was never completely bored by this film. The isolated single location premise was interesting to watch and the idea of an X-Men horror film had the potential to be great…but it just felt far too generic and lacked any sense of horror in the final product for me to fully enjoy and that’s what let this film down for me as it had the potential to be brilliant, but unfortunately felt like they played it far too safe and that’s what ultimately made the whole film feel rather average for me upon first watch. 


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