The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan ★★★

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Disney’s newest release The One and Only Ivan is arguably the best out of the four Disney originals thus far this year. It’s a solid family film that’s easy to enjoy whilst also having a simple, yet enjoyable story as well as having quite good acting/voice acting from the whole cast throughout. The real story of Ivan differs quite a bit from the one that’s shown but Disney does take a lot of inspiration from the true story and thankfully for me, it did pay off and proved to be quite a nice watch. (Plus Danny DeVito as a dog was incredible)

I had vertically no anticipation for The One and Only Ivan going into it as the trailers didn’t exactly please me, yet I’m pleased to say that I did quite like it. For older audiences, this film could be foreseen as slightly cheesy and predictable at times but for a film centred nearly entirely around a younger age demographic it works increasingly well with very few crude jokes and emotions that are portrayed with pinpoint accuracy once it reaches its final conclusion.

Of course, The One and Only Ivan is a far cry from Disney’s past but hopefully it’s a right step forward for their future as, despite a few pacing problems, when the film finally gets going I quite enjoyed it as both the animals and human characters are a joy to watch. The film doesn’t push to be anything more than a simple heartwarming family film and that works incredibly well. 


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