Born on the Fourth of July ★★★★½

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Born on the Fourth of July is a hard movie to watch. It was an emotional rollercoaster watching this movie. Tom Cruise’s performance is amazing as Vietnam Vet Ron Kovic. The writing is great, epecially since Oliver Stone almost always writes his movies with the people who the movie is about. In this case it was cowritten by Ron Kovic. 

This is by far the best Oliver Stone movie I have seen since I started binge watching his movies. This is the 10th movie I have watched of his this month, 9th first time watch. 

Cameos: John C. McGinley (Scrubs) as Democratic Convention Offical# 1, Wayne Knight (Seinfeld) as Democratic Offical # 2. Lili Taylor (The Conjuring) as Wilson Family Daughter. Plus small roles by Rocky Carroll (NCIS), William Baldwin, Mike Starr (Dumb and Dumber), Tom Berenger, and Oliver Stone as a news reporter.