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  • Australian Cricket Tourists of 1899

    Australian Cricket Tourists of 1899


    Truly a legend

  • The Cavalier's Dream

    The Cavalier's Dream


    Not sure what just happened

  • Explosion of a Motor Car

    Explosion of a Motor Car


    I either just witnesses the most disturbing thing ever, or this is a prequel of Left Behind. The bodies are falling like its hail.

  • The Haunted Castle

    The Haunted Castle


    Eh, I definitely prefer the Melies version.

  • The Hallucinated Alchemist

    The Hallucinated Alchemist


    That was really well done and there was a lot going on. I especially liked the ghost rising and disappearing.

  • Faust: apparition de Méphistophélès

    Faust: apparition de Méphistophélès


    Not a lot happened. So eh.

  • A Nightmare

    A Nightmare


    Its really a nightmare.

  • The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots

    The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots


    Off with her head!

  • Rescued from an Eagle's Nest

    Rescued from an Eagle's Nest


    There were 2 moments that stood out in this film. The baby being taken, and the baby being rescued. The rest of it was seemingly filler. But man the baby being taken was really good for a movie back then.

  • The Wasp Woman

    The Wasp Woman


    Yeah this was not good. The plot was thin and it seemed like it was only made to have a wasp woman. Unfortunately the wasp woman didn't look good so we spend most of the movie waiting for her to transform. Yeah I really disliked this movie.

  • Sorority Girl

    Sorority Girl


    Its just a bunch of drama you have seen hundreds of times before. This movie didn't really have a plot, it just kind of happened and now its done. Inoffensive but utterly forgettable.

  • Not of This Earth

    Not of This Earth


    Even mediocre Corman flicks are better than most older films. Sure they are low budget, but they are creative and trying new things. Anyway I found this to be pretty boring and forgettable.