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  • One Hour Photo

    One Hour Photo


    This is a pretty good thriller. Robin Williams goes against type as a box store photo clerk who becomes obsessed with a regular customer. Williams carries this movie on his shoulder, and does a good job of balancing empathy and disgust with his character.

  • The Steam Experiment

    The Steam Experiment


    I was searching for horror movies at a pawn shop last weekend, and came across this one. It didn't look that good, but it was dirt cheap. And who knows, sometimes you can find hidden gems. Looks we're not deceiving in this case. This is not a good movie. 

    Val Kilmer is the star of this one. The dude was once Batman, but now he's in DTV movies. In this one he plays a scientist who is holding a group…

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  • mother!



    This ones been on mind since I watched it yesterday. Aronofsky has definitely created a work of art with this film. I can see why people may have hated this based on what we got vs what the trailer advertised, but I am still satisfied with what we got.

    There's a lot of symbolism in this movie and while it's very obvious what the main allegory is, some of the symbolism is still hard to unravel. I'm still not sure…

  • Okja



    Really strong Netflix original here, in which a young girl has to save her giant pet pig from a multinational corporation that just wants to turn it into food. This film wears its politics on its sleeve, and I feel that was the right choice here. It not only attacks the meat industry, but capitalism and marketing as a whole. I did feel Jake Gyllenhal detracted from the movie, but Tilda Swinton was excellent.