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  • Some Call It Loving

    Some Call It Loving


    What a film to end 2018 with! I had never heard of this before and frankly I'm mad that no one mentioned it to me. James B Harris directs (producer of early Kubrick films) and it feels like a twisted fantasy world that could easily sit beside one of Stanley's. It's based on an odd retelling of Sleeping Beauty from the aspect of a carnival sideshow but the way the story is told and the dream-like atmosphere and deconstruction of…

  • Padmaavat



    Exquisite costuming and fun dance choreography but an exorbitant run time, over reliance on green screen effects (even for simple backgrounds), and a cast of unlikable characters makes it a hard movie for me to love. Probably only for big fans of the main actors because there doesn't seem to be much crossover appeal for me as a noob to this genre.

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  • Death Collector

    Death Collector


    This "film" answers the question "what kind of movie would you get if David Lynch fell down the stairs, got a brain injury and tried to direct Buckaroo Banzai from memory?"

  • Baby Bump

    Baby Bump


    One of the more artful and visceral films about puberty I have seen. There isn't much to compare it to but it reminds me of Harmony Korine soaking frames of Amélie in a pink bucket filled with cum and urine.