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  • Code of Honor

    Code of Honor


    This is so cheesy, and I imagine that the majority of people watching this would be bored to tears (or hate it). However in my house, because I'm such an avid watcher of crime films/police procedurals, I find that I can't stop laughing at how ridiculous the tropes are one minute and how broken the plot is the next. Its like an onion of bad entertainment with so many layers of what is wrong that my mind is constantly busy and entertained. This is truly a fast food movie. Afterwards you feel like crap but it was exactly what I was craving at the time.

  • The Naked Face

    The Naked Face


    A completely ridiculous thriller that unfortunately falls apart at the seams after a rather interesting introduction. Art Carney and Rod Steiger basically steal the show and I wish they were in more of the film. You can literally see in the film where the budget just stopped being applied and the plot gives up being based on any sense of reality.

    The "twists" ruin any momentum at this being a *good* film but I was entertained anyway at just how…

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  • Death Collector

    Death Collector


    This "film" answers the question "what kind of movie would you get if David Lynch fell down the stairs, got a brain injury and tried to direct Buckaroo Banzai from memory?"

  • Dragged Across Concrete

    Dragged Across Concrete


    Neo-noir in the capable hands of a Master. It hits all the classic beats of a crime film but also seems refreshing and dangerous. Wonderful soundtrack, great sound design and a deliberately paced atmosphere that seems like the greatest hits from a season of an HBO original series. Probably one of the best genre filmmakers we have today. I will watch anything S Craig makes from now on as soon as it comes out.