Mirror ★★★★½

It’s easy to be entertained by a movie. I think I have a pretty low bar, give me some solid narrative or visuals and I’m in. But for every hundred forgettable films I quickly dispose, there’s one that just catches me off guard and puts me in a state of trance. I’m talking about that rare feeling of complete unawareness of time and space when you’re just locked in the whole thing.

Paris Texas, Maborosi, Mulholland Dr., 3 Women, Cure, 2001, Portrait of a Lady on Fire all did that — the latest one being Mirror.

Similarly to Malick or Lynch, Tarkovsky gives you all the ingredients and lets you do the cooking. How do you process something as abstract and arbitrary like the scattered memories of a dying man? Mostly in my case, by guts — letting your intuition guide you through this overwhelming mosaic before digesting it as a whole.

Love, war, childhood, guilt, marriage, divorce and even a crash-course on Russia’s history. Tarkovsky left nothing on the table and needed only 100 minutes to do so.

The craziest thing is that as incredible as this was, I’m 100% confident this is the kind of movie that gets better with every rewatch.

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