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  • Polytechnique



    After a few now-disowned early films Denis Villeneuve launched his career proper with Polytechnique, based on a real-life mass shooting in Quebec. The 'Montreal Massacre' happened when an unhinged misogynist who blamed women for all the problems in his life entered a classroom, separated the male and female students and began killing the latter group before finally eliminating a valid target when he committed suicide. The mass murder led to stricter gun laws in Canada and the creation of the…

  • Ouroboros



    52 films by women 2018: 46/52.

    I'm not sure what it all means - other than the insight provided by the title, the sense of Palestine and the West locked in cycles of migration, of suspicion, of hostility - but it's an experience. That most collaborative of experimental film-makers Ben Russell does the cinematography and it feels as if he and Basma Alsharif sat down and asked each other the implausible question "What would it be like if The Shining was a geopolitical documentary?"

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  • Pride



    I was going to add a caveat to this review, to say that perhaps it wasn't a 4.5 film, but if you're queer, or if you're from one of those towns - you know, the ones with shops that you've never seen without the shutters down, the ones whose people are said to be "workshy" by people on TV despite the fact that some of the older residents still have scars on their head that they got from literally, physically…

  • Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

    Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit


    Too often, when we wonder who the Greatest Living Englishman is, we forget that Nick Park asked Dreamworks for thirty million dollars to make an internationally-released feature-length film about marrow-growing contests in Lancashire and they said yes.