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  • A Page of Madness

    A Page of Madness


    Part of 30 Countries 2017. Today: Japan!

    I'm not sure I can even review this, so here's a page of madness instead.

  • Post Tenebras Lux

    Post Tenebras Lux


    Part of 30 Countries 2017. Today: Mexico!

    Two films in and I'm not quite sure if Carlos Reygadas is taking the piss or not, which is actually less of a problem than it might seem. The part of me that wants to stroke my chin and draw up connections with the dream autobiographies of the Mexican Surrealists was generally satisfied with Post Tenebras Lux; the part of me that can never resist calling it Post Sticklebricks Lego found a lot…

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  • Pride



    I was going to add a caveat to this review, to say that perhaps it wasn't a 4.5 film, but if you're queer, or if you're from one of those towns - you know, the ones with shops that you've never seen without the shutters down, the ones whose people are said to be "workshy" by people on TV despite the fact that some of the older residents still have scars on their head that they got from literally, physically…

  • Ghostbusters



    You shouldn't have to talk about fandom, of course. You shouldn't have to earn the right to offer your opinions on movies, and no good movie should be dependent on goodwill ported over from previous source material. It's just that, for me, there is something a bit special about Ghostbusters - the original movies, and the cartoon series spun off from them. The movies were a bit too scary for young me at the time they came out, actually, so…