Documenteur ★★★

52 films by women 2018: 31/52.

Definitely the most minor Varda I've seen yet, this attempts to apply the inner portraiture approach of Cléo from 5 to 7 with an autobiographical story about a French woman living in LA with her child - played by the director's own son, just in case you think I'm overstating the personal qualities of the film. It fizzles out after 62 minutes, largely because, compared to the kaleidoscope of Cléo, the film is just too homogenous. Once you key into its match of documentary-style drama and inner monologue, there isn't much more to it. The temptation is to ask why, given the heavy first-person narration, this wasn't a novel, though Varda's visuals supply an answer to that. The sex scenes are impressively female-gaze, and it's nice to see Mur Murs didn't exhaust her passion for Los Angeles's street art and graffiti.

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