Garnet’s Gold

Garnet’s Gold ★★★½

A very beautiful documentary, so beautiful that it took me out of watching it as a documentary - was some of this staged? Surely Ed Perkins can't get the image looking this beautiful in the heat of the moment, in these conditions? Maybe he can. And maybe he can't and it doesn't matter. I'm a Herzog fan, so I'm hardly well-placed to complain about directors hopping all over the documentary-fiction line. What excuses these techniques is the overall effect, and this tale of a man looking for the lost treasure of Bonnie Prince Charlie is moving and evocative enough to make my quibbles irrelevant. I love the Scottish highlands - they're perhaps the most comforting lonely place that exists, and Perkins absolutely gets the most out of them in this film.

Besides, there's plenty of things that are real enough, like the vicious array of insect bites Garnet gets on his quest. Yikes.