No al no: Visca el piano! ★★★½

A review of Pere Portabella's masterpiece Vampir Cuadecuc is coming later today. In the meantime, there's these two shorts from the Second Run disc. This one was created for an exhibit at the Miro Foundation honouring Portabella's regular soundtrack collaborator Carles Santos, and it consists solely of a slow zoom in on Santos as he plays one of his compositions.

Not much, you may think, and you're right - it's certainly minimal. It's one of those films, though, where adding anything else would only distract from the strength of Santos's performance. In any case, Santos himself provides the one element of truly bizarre visual spectacle; he plays the bass part by rolling a bouncy ball around on the piano keys. The musicality of the sound he produces by this apparently random, absurd method is completely incredible.