Rocketman ★★★★½

This week's episode of Pop Screen is a quick revisit for one of the most entertaining summer movies of recent years. I remember almost levitating out of my seat when I realised that, rather than indulging in the odd 'wacky' fantasy scene, Dexter Fletcher's film was going to be a full-on, fuck-off, dancing-in-the-streets musical. What keeps me coming back after that initial surprise has worn off is how good the numbers are. Particular favourite this time round was 'Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word', in which Taron Egerton appears to invent rhythmic drunken staggering.

Stray observations:

- 'Pinball Wizard' is a very funny choice of song to play over scenes of Elton's yo-yoing temper.

- Another song choice, 'Tiny Dancer' in the scene where Bernie Taupin meets a woman at a party, seems to have been made because Taupin wrote that lyric about his then-wife Maxine Feibelman. She wasn't quite a seamstress for the band, but she did sew patches on Elton's stage outfits, and she did ballet as a child.

- I mention Elton John's autobiography, Me, quite a lot on the podcast, and for very good reason: it is one of the funniest books I've ever read. The scene where Bernie finds out Elton is gay in Rocketman works very well for the film, but the bit where Elton is first outed in Me is incredible; it's his first mentor Long John Baldry who does it, and it causes a fight at a showbiz restaurant that only ends when members of Amen Corner and the Supremes intervene.

- Cute corner: Fred, the guy Elton's mum is seen making out with in the car in Rocketman, comes out of Me very well. He stays with Elton's mother and ends up attending Elton's wedding to David Furnish.

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